Rental solutions for forklift trucks and warehouse trucks

Long or short term – you decide

The demands on the logistics business are diverse. Time is money, and the internal flow of materials must run smoothly even during the season and in times of unexpected order peaks. In order to be prepared for any eventuality, companies either maintain their own wide range of equipment that ties up a lot of capital; For some years now, more and more companies have switched to a practical and efficient alternative by adapting their equipment pool to their current needs and renting the forklifts they need.

We meet this trend and maintain a rental fleet of 2,100 trucks. You can choose from a wide range of products – vehicles with a load capacity of one to 52 tons, front forklifts and warehouse trucks, all-terrain forklifts, four-way forklifts, tractors, heavy-duty forklifts, reach stackers. The rental fleet is young, of high quality and state-of-the-art. Many vehicles have special features for comfort, safety and economy, and there are relevant attachments and equipment for every application.


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Rent a forklift truck – as easy as abc

The Willenbrock rental service does not only include the fast delivery of urgently needed vehicles and equipment, but also offers the necessary advice and flexibility both in advance and afterwards. The Willenbrock rental specialists configure the right vehicle and offer to meet our customer´s requirements. In this way, companies can fall back on flexible solutions in these often labor intensive phases and have the forklifts they need at very short notice and on schedule. The delivery, including a thorough briefing in technology and operation, is carried out by Willenbrock low-loaders directly to the customer’s premises – this ensures economical and safe use of the vehicles.

Flexible and adapted to your needs

Rental periods range from a few hours to several months and can be extended flexibly. A single vehicle or a whole fleet can be rented. The respective costs for renting a forklift depend on various factors: which model is rented, how long is the rental period, what load capacity should the rented forklift offer, etc.

Renting an industrial truck is an ideal opportunity to test the device extensively, and a later purchase option can be agreed in the contract, which gives the lessee a preferential right of first refusal. If this is not required or necessary, the lessor will take the vehicle back at the end of the contract and return it to the rental pool after a thorough check. This financing model offers a number of advantages for the tenant: When renting forklifts, there are only calculated fixed costs for a specified period of time and the rent can usually be written off immediately for tax purposes. The rental fee covers all costs for maintenance and repairs, as well as the costs for insurance. If the forklift breaks down at the tenant and is no longer operational, the tenant is entitled to a replacement device or a short-term repair by the landlord.