Forklift financing solutions

Ensure flexibility with our financing solutions

We serve the different requirements of our customers not only with a wide range of used forklift trucks, but also only with different financing solutions. You can choose which offer is best tailored to your needs. In addition to the classic purchase, you can choose between leasing, rental, rental-purchase and installment-purchase. The flexibility extends so far that you can make a change in the form of financing within the tax options even during an agreed term.

Forklift leasing

If you need forklifts or warehouse technology equipment in medium or long term, this financing is recommended. You can use your trucks instead of buying them at a low cost. With an individual term structure and constant monthly installments, you already cover loss of value and interest. In this way you do not tie up any equity capital and you are flexible in structuring your balance sheet. Your advantages lie in the lowcost burden through usage-based calculation of the residual value. You can deduct the leasing installments from tax as business expenses.

Forklift rental – short or long term

If you require industrial trucks in the medium to long term and at the same time value seamless availability of your fleet without risk, Rental offers you the advantages of leasing plus a complete maintenance and repair service at fixed monthly rates. In this way you always have the security that your vehicles are fully operational and at the same time all maintenance and repair costs are fixed and calculable. With preventive maintenance, you can agree on favorable monthly rates.

Rental purchase of forklift trucks

This financing solution is ideal if the use of the forklift or warehouse trucks is associated with the purchase and should become your property at the end of the term. You can design the term freely and thus agree an economical and constant rental rate. It is not necessary to use equity for the purchase by buying on credit.

Forklift installment purchase

You choose your individual contract term and conveniently pay in constant monthly installments. You may operate the selected product from the start of the contract. The installment purchase allows you to claim the acquisition value for tax purposes in the form of depreciation. At the same time, take advantage of a repayment plan tailored to your current needs and stay flexible. After the end of the contract and with payment of the last installment, you take over the product directly.