Forklift maintenance & repair

Service ensures the availability of your vehicles

To have your core business can run smoothly, you depend on continuously available industrial trucks. We offer tailor-made service packages tailored to your requirements – from short-term repairs to full service contracts. Our 280 service technicians are available for you 365 days a year around the clock and carry out tests, repairs and maintenance professionally and quickly. In this way your forklifts and warehouse trucks remain efficient and safe and your operations are cost-effective and sustainable.

Repair service for your truck

We offer you quick help in the event of damage, wear and tear or the need for modifications. All it takes is a call to our customer help desk and a technician will be on the way with the required original spare parts. Our technology specialists also carry out conversions and retrofits. We guarantee short response times and constant availability.

Have your forklift serviced regularly

Apart from accident damage, most repairs on forklifts or warehouse technology equipment result from wear and tear that occurs with continuous operation. If this is recognized in time, major repairs can be prevented and avoided. As part of corresponding maintenance contracts, our service technicians determine leaks, check the brake system and steering system, change hydraulic oil and can take the necessary measures in good time. The maintenance intervals are based on the manufacturer’s specifications and are adapted to the specific vehicle in the event of higher use. We summarize service jobs and reduce downtimes to a minimum. Our service team coordinates regular maintenance work with the required statutory inspections to ensure that you meet the legal requirements.

Full Service – don’t worry about anything

Give us the responsibility for your forklift fleet! We take on all tasks associated with maintenance and repairs – from planning and coordination to professional implementation and complete documentation. A full service contract includes all necessary maintenance, repair measures and safety checks. With our extensive service portfolio, you decide for yourself which services we should take over for you. Put together your individual service package with all the services that are important for your company.