Forklift driver training

Certainly to well-trained staff. Educate your employes and prevent accidents

Serious accidents occur again and again when handling forklifts due to ignorance and improper operation. Not least because of this, there are clear trade association principles and regulations for training to become a forklift driver (BGG 925 and BGV D27) as well as for annual instruction and follow-up training for industrial truck drivers (BGV A1 § 4 (1)). Many accidents can be avoided with better education and training for drivers and operators.

Our own training company WillenbrockAkademie offers a complete program in accordance with the applicable guidelines for the entire material flow area – from training as a forklift driver to a specialist in load securing. WillenbrockAkademie is a publicly recognized and certified educational institution that trains more than 8,200 participants annually throughout Germany.

Avoid accidents and damage with trained employees

The training courses either take place at one of the Willenbrock locations in Bremen and Hanover. The training courses can be held here indoor regardless of the season and weather. In addition to a selection of vehicles, various loads and conditions, such as shelves, containers, etc. are available. Several times a month, in addition to group training, WillenbrockAkademie training centers also offer open courses for job seekers, private customers, employees and companies.

In addition, WillenbrockAkademie also offers training at customers’ sites. These measures are flexible, tailor-made and precisely designed to the companies requirements, which in addition to motivation and security also achieve cost savings. The range of training courses is broad and includes, for example, courses for forklift drivers, aerial work platform operators, crane operators, earth-moving machine operators, load securing specialists and drivers.